How to Descale a Coffee Maker With Lemon Juice ?

In the hustle and bustle of the day, coffee is a great source of energy that will fuel you for the day. In addition, people can’t wake up without getting a coffee in the early morning nowadays. It is also important to consume healthy coffee that smells fresh. 

Since, coffee seems to be important for everyone, then cleaning the coffer maker pot or carafe has the same importance. Only rinsing few times after brewing coffee, is not enough. To keep the taste of coffee intact, required you clean or descale the coffee maker thoroughly at least once a week. To solve the problem for those who have not enough time to give required enough time to descale the coffee maker, we are discussed here a simple solution. That is, how to descale the coffee maker with lemon juice. You can also Clean Your coffee maker with vinegar.

With time, there is a buildup of dirt and smut sitting in the bottom of the carafe. If it is not descaled on time. Descaling with lemon juice is quite easy. 

How to descale a coffee maker with lemon juice:

Lemon is available easily in every kitchen. It is the best agent in the cleaning process. 

Some things you need to prepare beforehand before beginning the procedure. Quite easy to find and put it in your basket, just that you have to do.

Ingredients for Descale coffee maker:

  1. Lemon juice
  2. Sponge
  3. Hot water

How to Descale a Coffee Maker With Lemon Juice

6 Steps in descaling coffee maker with lemon juice:

There are only six steps in the procedure of how to descale coffee maker with lemon juice that we have listed below.

  1. Dry the coffee maker
  2. Prepare descaling solution
  3. Pour the solution into the coffee machine
  4. Place a filter paper in the brewer filter basket
  5. Clean removable parts of the coffee maker
  6. Plain water brew cycle

Dry the coffee maker:

The first step is to dry the coffee maker by manually emptying all remaining coffee buildup. To ensure it is completely empty now, fill the coffee maker with plain water, run it for a while. 

Prepare descaling solution:

To prepare a cleaning solution, you have to mix half a cup of fresh lemon juice (without any seed, or peel) with 1 cup of hot water. Hot water should be at room temperature. Turn off the machine and empty the water from the carafe that you just had brewed. You can also Clean Your Coffee maker  Through Braun Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Pour the solution into the coffee machine:

Pour the solution of lemon into the carafe and let it flow inside the coffee maker machine. Wait for 15 minutes and let the lemon solution sit inside the carafe. You can turn on the machine for a while or at least one brew cycle. We suggest you run the coffee maker machine for at least a complete brewer cycle. While running, the buildup of dirt and grimes will be starting resolving with the lemon solution. Lemon is also a cleaning agent, it helps to remove hard stains from cooking tools. Same as it will help to destroy or remove all the dirt, and grimes and coffee grinds buildup from the coffee maker machine. After a cycle let the solution inside the machine for more than half an hour. 

Place a filter paper in the brewer filter basket:

It is an important step in the process of how to descale coffee makers with lemon juice.

Now place a clean filter paper inside the filter basket. And switch on the machine, let the lemon solution run every corner of the machine that you left to remain inside the reservoir.

How many cycles you have to run is now depends on that how many days after you are descaling coffee maker. If you are doing it after a month, then there would be many layers of buildups. It will take some brewer cycle to remove the loosen the bottom of the coffee maker machine. Now pour out all the lemon solution.

How to Descale a Coffee Maker With Lemon Juice1

If still, you see there a layer of mineral or sediment then make a new solution of lemon and pour it into the coffee maker machine and run two more brewing cycles. 

Some things you have to keep in mind while descaling the coffee maker machine. That don’t run the machine without time-space or some gap. Moreover don’t use hot water in the solution of lemon juice. It will harm the coffee maker machine.

Clean removable parts of coffee maker:

Sperate all the moveable parts of the coffee maker which you can clean or wash individually. These parts including a filter net or basket, and or coffee pot. Wash them with plain water. If the filter basket is not clean or descale, you can soak it separately in the lemon solution. Leave it for a while in a lemon solution. In the meanwhile wash the coffee pot with a sponge. Now, wash the soaked filter basket with plain water. 

Plain water brew cycle:

It is the last step in the process of how to descale coffee maker with lemon juice. All you need to do is fill the coffee maker with plain water and run a brew cycle. It will serve to remove all the leftover solutions from the machine. You can change the water and refill it with some more plain water and turn the coffee maker machine on. The descaling has been done, you can make a refreshing coffee now anytime. 


Lemon juice is the best cleaning agent because its bits help to get rid of harsh chemicals. So, it is used for descaling the kitchen tool including the coffee maker machine. A Layer of leftover starts building sediment in each corner of a coffee maker machine. That causes the bad taste or unhealthy coffee. Lemon helps to restore the coffee taste and descale. In the process of how to descale a coffee maker with lemon juice. We sum up works in only six steps. 

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