How to Clean a Microwave 2021 – [Best Easy Way Clean]

I have found that cleaning the microwave can sometimes be quite difficult. It is the first top use kitchen tool nowadays. While it warms the food and makes it taste fresh, it will also get dirty inside and out. you need to clean it on time, else it will change the taste of food and a stinky smell will begin. That not only affects the food but also affects your health. So, our main agenda is today to make things easy for you by exploring how to clean a microwave with very easy tips. 

How to clean a microwave is a very high-ranking question, as you know we want to lives and enjoy healthy lives. For this, we tried our best to not use chemicals in our kitchen appliances or tool for cleaning. According to our research team, if by chance any cleaning chemicals lefts in any kitchen tools, it will lead to drastic effects on health. Moreover, they suggest you do cleaning with Vinger and cleaning agents. As a crush of the paragraph, our research proposed some easy tips for you on how to clean a microwave. All you need to just follow the given tips and get a new brand oven in a short period. 

How to clean a microwave:

There are many ways to clean a microwave. But we list down only those that are easy to do and follow. There are some you need to prepare before taking a step ahead in the process of how to clean a microwave oven. 

What things are required to clean a microwave:

Because we doing cleaning with a natural cleaning agent. So, you can easily get the required things. Even all things mostly available in your kitchen that are required.

  1. Soft dishwashing sponge or soft cleaning duster
  2.  3 to 4 pieces of lemons
  3. Medium size of the bowl 
  4. White vinegar bottle

There are two methods we recommend to you on how to clean a microwave. You can choose any one of them. The selection of the methods depends on the situation of your microwave. 

How to clean a microwave

Microwave Internal and External condition: 

A microwave is the fastest way to warm a portion of food. You just have to put the food inside the microwave and adjust the timer, and then on it. When the microwave heat the food such as coffee, bread, baking stuff, and last but not least curry or gravy then food spreads stain in upper or all side of the microwave.

With time, if you did take notice these stains start making a buildup in the microwave. So you need to check how much buildup has been a stick in your microwave then you can start the procedure of how to clean a microwave. As we said early, microwaves can be clean with different methods but we will explain the two most effective and widely used methods.

Clean a microwave with lemon juice:

Lemon juice is well known natural cleaning agent. It is the best support in the process of losen tighten stain, specks of dirt, the smell from microwave glass or plate.

1- In half a cup of room temperature warm water, put 4 spoons of lemon juice. Mix it well with a spoon and leave it for some minutes.

2- Place it inside the microwave oven and set the time for 5 minutes. Run it on microwave mode. 

3- when complete 5 minutes timer opens the microwave glass door. You will see the steam of lemon water has spread all over the microwave oven. This lemon water steam will help to soften the specks of dirt and leftover food.

4- Pull out the bowl of lemon water and add a little cold water so that you can dip the sponge in it. 

5- Pull out the glass plate and ring. Now with the help of a sponge clean the microwave from the inside and scrub it from the bottom to remove all the stains. 

6- Clean the glass door with this sponge. 

8- You can again place the lemon water and run the microwave-on-microwave mode to make it cleaner. 

If you are not satisfied with the cleaning process of lemon you can move to the next method in the process of how to clean a microwave.

Clean microwave with White vinegar:

White vinegar is not only used in cooking but also well know natural cleaning agent. There are only some steps that you need to follow. 

Steps in the cleaning microwave with vinegar:

Now we will discuss all the steps one by one.

Steps in the cleaning microwave with vinegar

Remove Moveable parts:

Pull out all the removable parts from the microwave such as rings or racks, and glass plate. You have to wash them separately with dishwashing liquid and filtered water. Scrub them if there is any dirt stick on the glass plate. 

Get the crumbs clean first:

Dip a sponge in lemon water, you can also use a paper towel, and start pulling out all the leftover food chunks or buildups or loose crumbs from in the microwave.

Place bowl of white vinegar and water in a microwave:

Prepare a mixing bowl of white vinegar with water. 4 spoons of white vinegar put in a glass bowl and add half a cup of freshwater. Place this mixture in the microwave. And set 5 minutes timer and run into the microwave mode. All the mixture will spread into the microwave in a steam foam and it will loosen the dirty stain from the microwave as well.

Wipe with sponge:

Pull out the white vinegar water bowl and start cleaning or wiping with a sponge from inside. It will now be quite easy to wipe out. Because all the dirt starts leaving grip that has been stick to a glass door, steal bottom and upper side of the microwave.  

Place a backing power in a microwave:

If there is any smell you can easily get rid just by placing backing power in a microwave for a night. In the next day, you will all the smell has left the microwave.

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