Best Paella Pans of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

To make paella at ease, you’ll need an original paella pan, which is generally large rounded, and shallow, and made up of unique components like enameled cast iron, carbon steel, or stainless steel. The pan’s bottom aids in the formation of a complete socarrat.

The traditional Best paella pans have freckles all over the floor and a slight dip in the center. At a more significant temperature, this dip stiffens and protects the pan.

This design makes cooking even more enjoyable since the oil flows into the pan’s middle, allowing you to cook and bake with very little oil.

The paella pans generally have sloped edges and two or more grips. These pans are explicitly designed for paella preparation.



Lodge Carbon Steel

Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet

  • Versitile.
  • Pre-Seasoned.
  • Awesome quality.



BK Black Carbon

BK Black Carbon Steel Paella Pan

  • Easy to handle.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Premium material.



Garcima Mediterraneo

Garcima Mediterraneo Paella Pan Set with Burner

  • Best for Outdoor.
  • Burner included.
  • Durable.

Top 10 matchless the best paella pans:

If you’re thinking about buying the best Paella Pan for the very first time, let us assist you in making your decision. The pan is simple to choose, with just a few factors to consider during the purchasing process.

We have intended to assist you to the greatest extent possible in this article, as we have not only mentioned some of the best Paella Pan in this article, but we have also covered a brief buying guide in it.

So, let’s get started:

1. Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet – Best Pre-Seasoned Pan

Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet

Although the lodge is known for its cast-iron pots and pans, this paella pan is made up of carbon steel. This substitute is suitable for controlling the heat uniformly at elevated temperatures. These skillets are manufactured of thin, 12-gauge carbon steel, so it’s light in weight and easy to move around.  Firstly, this pan comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, providing a healthy, convenient coating ideal for paella.

Secondly, it is made of carbon steel with a thick gauge. It weighs about 6.42 pounds, making it a kitchen perfect fit. This pan has considerable temperature stability. As a result, heat is distributed very uniformly, making cooking even more pleasant. Although the heating takes time, once it is healed completely, it will provide even heat distribution. Also, it remains heated for more extended periods.

Moreover, it works with electricity and gas stovetops and outdoor grills, open fires, and induction stoves. After each use, this carbon steel skillet should be manually washed, thoroughly dried, and seasoned with oil.

Most importantly, the Lodge Paella Skillet is a 15-inch paella skillet with sloping sides and two riveted handles shaped like a typical paella pan. With this diameter, it can accommodate a paella for two to five people.

Handles are made entirely of pure iron with no coating. As a result, you can’t burn the plastic cover, but you must handle the pan with gloves.

Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet, like all Lodge items, is already seasoned. Initial seasoning, on the other hand, is more for corrosion prevention. If you want to fry an egg in this pan, you’ll need to season it a little more. Alternatively, you can cook in your skillet, and the initial polish will strengthen over time. Have a

Cooking paella is a piece of poetry with the Lodge CRS15, even if you’re not an expert. It is much simpler to make a great socarrat due to its large thermal capacity. This pan is suitable for preparing a variety of foods in addition to paella, especially for significant cuts of meat such as ribeye, T-bones, and steaks can also be fried in this pan.


  • Versatile cooking.
  • Compatible with oven.
  • Pre-Seasoned with natural vegetable oil.
  • Ideal for cooking outdoor.
  • Constructed with Heavy-duty material .
  • Perfectly cooks on Gas, Grills, Inductions, open fire, and stovetops.


  • Food may stick while cooking as its not nonstick.

Bottom line:

In conclusion, Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet is one of the Best paellas pans 2021 as it is light in weight, easy to wash and use. It is multifunctional in the sense that it is also suitable for cooking other items along with paella. This skillet is pre-seasoned with vegetable oils. As it is made up of carbon steel, it has large thermal stability.

2. Garcima 15-Inch Carbon – Best Steel made Paella Pan

Garcima 15-Inch Carbon Steel Paella Pan

Since carbon steel has the maximum thermal conductivity and allows for quick and balanced heating, it is the standard material for paella skillets in Spain, so that you can make an ideal socarrat that everyone will love. These are carbon steel paella pans. It takes some effort to keep carbon steel kitchenware seasoned, but it will prevent corrosion or rusting of the skillet once it is done.

It has a vast and shallow frying area for roasting veggies and meat before including rice. The “dimples” in the base resemble those seen on conventional paella pans and consequently aid in even heating.

Because of the sloped bottom, there’s no risk of spilling when mixing. It’s easy to move from the burner to the table for servings owing to the wide looped grips. This pan’s versatility comes from the fact that you can use them on any stove. Also, it is very economical.

To maintain the custom going, this model was built and produced in Spain. Generally speaking, it’s an excellent plan if you’re looking for something which needs less cleaning than standard carbon steel.

These pans require general care, and in this way, they will last for a long time. First of all, when you have used it, wash it properly. Once it is washed, dry it thoroughly, and then there is a need for a bit of seasoning to prevent corrosion. You can use vegetable oils for their seasoning. Check out the best pans for eggs for your breakfast.


  • Durable, authentic pan made in Spain
  • Safely cooks food on oven, stovetop, and grill
  • It comes with tips, a user guide, and a recipe guide
  • Made with carbon steel that’s best for heat conduction


  • Get a little rusty after a few days of use
  • Painted handles become black with smoke while cooking

Bottom Line:

These pans are manufactured in Spain, especially for paella cooking. These are made up of carbon steel, so they have large thermal conductivity. They are best suitable for almost all kinds of stovetops. And last but not least, the package includes a user guidebook that contains tips to cook perfect paella.

3.  BK Black Carbon Steel Paella Pan, 15″ – Best budget

BK Black Carbon Steel Paella Pan

Firstly, when it comes to the material of this paella pan, it is made up of black carbon steel. Also, it is built to grow a nonstick lacquer coating layer with time; the further you get it, the smoother it gets.

Secondly, this pan is light in weight and durable, and convenient to carry, providing the same excellent searing outcomes as cast iron without adding bulk.

Most importantly, the Black Steel is corrosion and stain-resistant. It is three times denser than aluminum, making it powerful and more robust than standard carbon steel. That is the reason they are regarded as the best paella pans.

Furthermore, this heat-responsive skillet is microwave stable up to 600°F and versatile sufficient to use on the grill or over direct heat. They are also compatible with induction heating. It is secure and suitable for all metallic cutlery.

This skillet features cast iron grips with rivets so that you can conveniently handle them while cooking.  These pans are also suitable for camping and traveling because the black steel will give you an excellent performance.

This pan comes pre-seasoned with oil and has a fine silicone wax layer that is much faster to clean than beeswax or grease, so it’s prepared to use after a simple soap and water wash. When you have cooked and prepared food in them, and want to store them until subsequent usage, take some precautions. Hand wash these pans and then air dry. The manufacturer provides a two years warranty for these pans.


  • Pretty easy to handle lightweight pan
  • Strong and fully durable pan
  • Pretty dense than an aluminum pan
  • Oven safe up to 600 degrees
  • Cooks ideally on stovetop, induction, and also in the oven


  • Slightly heavier as its 3 times more dense than aluminum
  • Little pricey

Bottom Line:

Wrapping up, these pans come to you in the pre-seasoned form. As they are made up of black carbon steel, they are durable and light in weight. They are suitable for almost all heat sources. With a microwave, they are stable, just up to 600°F. All in all, they are best for cooking paella.

4. Vaello La Valenciana Polished Steel Valencian Paella Pan – Best Paella Pan

Vaello La Valenciana Polished Steel Valencian Paella Pan

The Vaello La Valenciana is made up of polished steel. The shining steel Valencian paella pan is the popular paella pan most commonly used in Valencia.

It is one of the best paella pans because of its so many features. Firstly, it helps the customers cook a perfect paella dish because it provides an even heat distribution to all the parts of the pan.

Secondly, it has easy maintenance. It is so easy to use and clean. The pan features two handles. This pan is aesthetically built to make cooking as comfortable as possible.

It is widely used to make paella along with other dishes. Since 1950, La Valenciana has provided consumers with a diverse selection of goods that meet the highest quality requirements.

Paella pans, casseroles, grills, and other kitchen tools are dependable companions for top chefs and cooks dedicated to enthusiastic cooking. The diameter of the pan is 30 cm.


  • Constructed with durable polished steel
  • Easy maintenance and cooking
  • It comes in 4 different sizes
  • Maximum cooking comfort an economical price


  • It might not be suitable for all foods cooking

Bottom Line:

Summing up, Vaello La Valenciana paella pans are suitable for cooking paella pans. They are made up of steel material. They do not require any seasoning. These pans are easy to clean and maintain. You can consider these pans when you wish to buy a paella pan for yourself.

5. Garcima Mediterraneo Paella Pan with Burner – Best Outdoor Pan

Garcima Mediterraneo Paella Pan Set with Burner

The Garcima Mediterraneo Set is a complete paella package that includes the Paellera, stove, and strengthened legs. These pieces are of high quality. Also, it is ready to use when you receive the package.

Most importantly, the Carbon Steel 16 inch Paellera is tough and heat-resistant, making it ideal for induction cooktops, ovens, and cookers. After cleaning, it generally requires some upkeep. It doesn’t require any seasoning. And also, it doesn’t rust.

The included 14-inch heater suits paella pans up to 20 inches in diameter. The burner has two concentric circles of flame, each with its lever for command. For added safety, the burner has an enamel coating on it. With these knobs or levers, you can control the temperature of cooking.

It also has a 30-inch-tall durable tripod stand for Garcima stoves so that you can have perfect paella cooking at home. It is also the best product to give to your loved ones. It is also an ideal gift for any event, such as a celebratory dinner, marriage, barbecue, or birthday present. Here are the best pasta pots we have reviewed.


  • An ideal cooking paella pan with burner and legs
  • Independent control with its knobs
  • Best for picnics, weddings, and outdoor birthday parties
  • Durable requires maintenance after wash


  • Hard to keep its burner with it all the time
  • Slightly high priced

Bottom Line:

The complete package of Garcima Mediterraneo paella pans includes a burner, pan, and a tripod stand. The pan is made up of carbon steel. This product is also imported from Spain.

6. Garcima Tabarca Paella Pan – Best pan Set with Burner

Garcima Tabarca Paella Pan Set with Burner

Are you planning an outdoor picnic? If yes, then Garcima tabarca paella pans will work great for you. These pans feature several things for you. Aside from that, you can truly enjoy cooking on these pans. Apart from that, the entire set comes with a kit, and you don’t have to look for the accessories anywhere else.

Furthermore, this set comes with a paellera, reinforced legs, and a burner. Besides, the accessories that come with this pan are easily assembled, and you don’t have to learn something extremely new to understand the assembling. This pan is 16 inch in size and comes with a carbon steel material. Interestingly, the pan is safe to use on any kind of stovetop. Also, this pan is highly durable and requires maintenance too after every wash.

Moreover, a 14-inch burner easily fits with 20-inch paella pans. Besides, the burner comes with two concentric rings of flames; each knob controls the particular rings. Furthermore, the tripod stand is sturdy and firm and cannot fall easily. Aside from that, the size of this tripod stand is 30 inches.

Also, it comes with gift-friendly packaging, and you can use this amazing product at weddings, parties, or small occasions.


  • Carbon steel paella pan with burner
  • Ideal for family meal cooking
  • Durable and versatile paella pan


  • Price is a bit high
  • Requires complete maintenance

Bottom Line:

This paella pan is a worth buying product as it features several things that a real chef is looking for. Aside from that, this pan has reinforced legs that one can fix any one time when they want to cook food. This is a must-buy pan as the assembling is quite simple, and you can set it anywhere anytime. Additionally, this is the best gift-friendly product that you can give to your close ones or friends.

7. La Paella 18″ Pata Negra Restaurant Grade Paella Pan – Professional Choice

La Paella 18 Pata Negra Restaurant Grade Paella Pan

Everyone wants to cook perfect food, and due to this reason, we have come up with this amazing product. Aside from that, these pans also resemble the traditional carbon steel pans, but the only difference is that these pans are made of heavy-duty carbon steel that is of great quality.

Moreover, restaurant kitchens use these pans as they cook in large quantities to a heavy-duty carbon steel pans are an excellent option for the restaurants. Apart from that, these pans require a lot of care and maintenance. Interestingly, you have to dry the pans once you are done washing the pan. There are several sizes in these pans that you can choose from.

Furthermore, you can choose the desired size that perfectly fits your stovetop. The material of the pan is great, and investment in this pan is worth doing. Aside from that, if you want to prevent the pan from rusting, you can use vegetable oil after each wash.


  • Durable paella pan made with extra thick steel
  • Ideal for cooking 6 to 8 people supper
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Require a bit of maintenance after washing


  • Become rusty even after due care

Bottom Line:

However, this paella pan is worth buying because it has so many cool features. Moreover, you can have the best cooking experience while cooking in this pan. The pan is the best companion if restaurant kitchens have as many of these loans are there in the restaurant. The material is great and fits all the needs of a professional chef. You can buy one if you are ready to take care of it. Otherwise, the pan will rust and be of no use.

8. Machika Enameled Steel Paella Pan – Best Design

Machika Enameled Steel Paella Pan

Machika paella pans feature the most advanced Layout among the other pans. These pans are made of high-quality enameled steel and conduct heating rapidly and uniformly throughout, resulting in the ideal paella.

This pan is robust and reliable due to its thin and lightweight materials. Its drilled dimple architecture makes the pans’ base rigid, making them ideal for paella cooking.

Most importantly, these pans are easy to maintain. You can easily wash the item with water and detergent after each use. To keep the pan’s perfect enameled finish, dry it instantly with a clean cloth. Avoid cracks or damages; keep it in a plastic bag and place it in a suitable location.

These Paella pans with a 10-inch diameter can prepare food for two people. When your family and colleagues appreciate your tasty paella, this pan will undoubtedly be the center of attention at your events.

These pans are manufactured and imported from Spain, traditional Valencian paella dishes. Machika has partnered with Garcima, Spain’s leading paella supplier since the 1920s, to bring you the best paella pans on the market.

This pan’s all-metal design makes it ideal for microwave cooking. If you are preparing a large meal for a group of a dozen people, your pan may not work on your burner. Because of uneven heating, you could eventually burn most of your dishes if you don’t have a big enough burner. You can easily use your oven also with our enameled paella pan.

Moreover, these pans are secure, nonstick, and simple to maintain. Cleaning is the most challenging aspect of cooking at home. The enameled pans make this situation a whole lot simpler. Instead of soaking the pan, the enamel coating is also durable enough to withstand being washed in the dishwasher.

The manufacturers always try to deliver the highest quality goods on the market and to get your satisfaction. You can contact the server if you feel any quality issues.


  • Quality pan in the lowest price
  • Made with enameled steel
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Scratch resistant paella pan
  • Best for cooking food for a large family


  • Mostly the Enamel coating chipped to the packing box


Machika Steel Paella pans are elegant. They are mainly imported from Spain. They are safe to use. It is made up of metal and is compatible to use in the oven. You can consider this paella pan while buying.

9. Garcima La Ideal Polished Steel Paella Pan – Easy to maintain

Garcima La Ideal Polished Steel Paella Pan

It is another one of the best garcinia paella pans. The amount of maintenance needed in this case is small. The Paella Pan comes with two handles for quick handling and four rivets in each handle to strengthen grip.

To maintain the custom preserved, this model was built and produced in Spain. As a whole, it’s an excellent plan if you’re looking for something that needs less maintenance than standard carbon steel.

It is made up of Steel material that has been thoroughly polished. It has excellent thermal conductivity and distributes heat quickly and evenly. These frying pans feature four rivets per handle.

It is compatible with most heat sources to use it quickly and on your available heat source. Furthermore, these pans are best in cooking and preparing the best paella dishes. Initially, these were developed in Spain, as the paella dish is a tradition of Spain.

Additionally, the various size choices make it even better because you can pick the best size for your group this way. It has a total diameter of 70 cm. We recommend people who often host large gatherings or cook for a massive team at once. This pan is for a total of 25 portions.


  • Well-constructed cast iron paella pan
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ideal size for cooking paella
  • Evenly distributes heat
  • Performs well on the stovetop


  • Quality is a bit compromised


Garcima La Ideal paella pan is the best paella pan. For easy handling, it has two handles along with four rivets per handle. You can buy this one to prepare a delicious paella dish for your loved ones. It has a large capacity to hold the food, so it is also suitable for cooking a large quantity of food.

10. Garcima 16-Inch Stainless Steel Paella Pan – Best compact-sized pan

Garcima 16-Inch Stainless Steel Paella Pan

In our list of recommended best paella pans, it is the last one. It is a medium-sized pan that works comfortably over one big grill grate burner or straddles that are somehow closely spaced.

This paella skillet not only has a stunning finished look like a mirror that gives a perfect last ever appearance, but it’s also highly efficient. It is sturdy and durable as it is made up of stainless steel.

Additionally, the pan is solid and compact, with a traditional dimpled rim, and is made of high-quality 18/8 stainless steel with golden handles. It can serve up to 4 to 6 people.

While buying this pan, please consider that this pan is composed of thin, single-ply metal. Hence it is not designed for high-heat stir-frying but instead for grain or rice cooking. If you place this pan without food over the direct flame, it will overheat.

Furthermore, this plan doesn’t need any special care, such as seasoning or extra washing. It also makes fantastic paella.

It is also a perfect option for those who want to display off their utensils. One of these pans will be the main focus of your kitchen if you display it from your pot rack. It’s also a unique and unforgettable present.

Additionally, the pan comes with an instructional booklet that includes two recipes, paella-making tips, and cleaning directions.

Most importantly, this paella pan can prepare food with firewood, a gas grill, or a gas top cooker. It is one of the best pans that are used for cooking paella. You will love the taste that it retains in your dish.


  • Durable pan cooks fine on the stovetop
  • Cooks food ideally for 6 members
  • Made with quality stainless steel
  • Fixed gold-coated handles give a firm grip while cooking


  • Not easy to wash
  • Rust appears after a few washes

Bottom Line:

Summing up, the Garcima pans are medium-sized pans for paella cooking. They are best suitable for an average-sized family. They are made up of stainless steel and are durable. They don’t require any kind of seasoning.

Buyer guide for Best paella pans

how to choose the best paella pans
Infographic: how to choose the best paella pans

For a first-time buyer, choosing the best paella pan may be difficult. Additionally, you need to know much about such pans to make a final decision. Besides that, many factors can affect your purchasing choice, but you should not have to worry about that because we are here to help you and provide complete guidance about what factors to consider before buying the best paella pans. Additionally, we have listed a buying guide below to help you come out of the trouble of choosing the best paella pan. Let’s have a look at these factors to make your purchase meaningful.


The first thing that you need to consider before buying a paella pan is the size of the pan. The size of the pan matters a lot, as your entire cooking depends on it. Also, you must know the quantity of the food that you will cook, as this quantity depends on the number of people in your family. Besides that, an appropriate size to feed your family in a single go is the best thing to consider. Furthermore, it would be best to go for a pan that easily adjusts on the cooktop.


The next thing on which you should focus is the pan’s material. The best investment you should buy a paella pan is the one made of carbon steel. In a paella pan, carbon steel is considered the best one. Moreover, there is only one pitfall of a carbon steel paella pan, and it requires constant maintenance with an appropriate seasoning. Besides, there are other pans, and they are made of stainless steel and enameled steel. Pans made of enameled steel are the best ones and do not corrode. Moreover, such pans are economical too. Aside from that, carbon steel requires a lot of maintenance; otherwise, it will start rusting.

Propane powered paella pan

If you have a large family, you must buy a large paella pan, but you should also keep in mind that it should easily adjust depending on the type of cooktop you have. Besides, large-sized pans are used when you have to cook for parties.

Kosher certified paella pans

Many people prefer kosher-certified paella pans. Those who are conscious about their meals then opt for kosher-certified paella pans. Preference for kosher-certified paella pons makes a huge difference in your eating habits.

Nonstick paella pan

A nonstick utensil makes a huge difference in your cooking experience. Apart from that, after you cook your meal, another important duty is to clean the mess inside the utensil. Additionally, if you want to utilize less energy to clean the utensils, make sure to use nonstick pans as they can serve as your friend in the kitchen. A nonstick pan does not burn your food quickly. In addition to this, it is highly recommended to go for nonstick pans to cook a perfect meal.

Easy in dishwasher

A dishwasher-friendly paella pan must-have for any people who are not fond of washing dirty utensils. Apart from that, you must save yourself from the trouble of washing the dishes with your hands, so look for a pan that easily fits in your dishwasher without extra effort. Moreover, it is the best idea to invest in paella pans that are dishwasher friendly.

Pre-seasoned paella pans

It is important to keep in mind that the best paella pans you buy are pre-seasoned. You will save a lot of time after purchasing paella pans as it will not require seasoning the pan right after the purchase.

Cost and warranty

You have to set your budget before making the final decision. Moreover, there are many options available for you. Meaning, you can choose either carbon steel paella pans that are the cheapest ones or stainless-steel paella pans that are quite expensive.

Frequently asked questions

What pan do you use for paella?
Answer: Paelleras appreciate using the thin paella pans; they heat up instantly and give the best results.
Should you season paella pans?
Answer: You will not need to season a paella pan if you are using a nonstick or enameled paella pan. Ye, if you are using the carbon steel pan, it is important to season it first.
Do paella pans rust?
Answer: If you buy cast iron paella pans, they eventually get rust, so seasoning is extremely important.
Does a paella pan need a lid?
Answer: No, paella pans do not come with a lid.


The best paella pans are very much helpful in making paella dishes. They are primarily used in Spain and some other countries. These are special kinds of pots that can add elegance to your kitchenware collection. So, I have mentioned the top 10 of the best paella pans. We have reviewed these pans after complete testing. So, you can consider these while buying a paella pan for yourself.

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