Best Blender for Puree Food | Buying Guide & Reviews 2021

Did you know your baby’s first chewing teeth will usually come through between the ages of 12-18 months? Before that, your baby needs to be given soft food that could be easily swallowed and digested. Not only babies but elderly people may also encounter issues in chewing and pulverizing hard food. Therefore, the well-pulped food helps their bodies to digest it easily. At this point, you need to adopt the best blender to puree food

Well, it is a great idea to prepare your own pureed food at home that is hygienic and more nutritious. Thus, you need to get a separate blender to make food specifically for babies that are easy for their gums and stomach. No matter why you need to turn the food into a smooth pulp, you should always keep your hand on a high-quality food processor.

Although with so many models and manufacturers available on the market and online, finding the best blender to liquefy food could become a struggle, especially if you have set some limitations. But there’s no need to get confused. I will take you through a vast range of the best puree food blenders that will definitely meet your desires.



Whalelove Baby

Whalelove Baby

  • Safe
  • Prevents food
  • BPA-free



KOIOS 4-in-1

KOIOS 4-in-1 Hand

  • Features
  • Powerful motor
  • Extensive use



Ninja QB900B

Ninja QB900B Blender

  • Easy to use
  • Anti-splash
  • 1-year warranty

List of Ten Blenders for Pureeing Food Reviews

Our team of professionals has spent hours and days finding the most appropriate blenders for pureeing food and reviewed them to deliver unbiased thoughts to you. I have composed the entire article discussing ten leading blender models along with their upsides and drawbacks. Moreover, you’ll get to know how you can choose the ultimate model for yourself.

1. Whalelove Baby Food ProcessorAll-in-One Baby Food Machine

Whalelove Baby

Whale’s Love, isn’t it an exciting name? Why do you spend time searching for different products for your child’s diet when the Whalelove food processor is here? Well, this machine is designed explicitly to make baby food with adoration and care. This brand is considered the most innovative baby food maker on the market because it delivers several conspicuous features.

For babies, safety is one of the priority-based things that this machine comprises. Unfortunately, not all machines have such specifications. Luckily, this machine has an auto-shut-off feature that automatically turns the machine off if it has not been used for five minutes. Other than that, there is also an anti-dry feature that senses the water tank. When the tank is running out of water, the machine stops automatically. Usually, it is equipped with a high-speed motor that runs at 18000R per minute and potentially crushes all ingredients into a thick puree. 

Another notable feature in the best blenders for pureeing baby food is the LCD panel with touch control. This is the most advanced baby food machine that can be operated efficiently with one touch. Since there is a one-key automatic steam and blend feature, just add your ingredients, soften them, and blend. You can watch its current status, working time, temperature, and other controls on its LCD panel. It also allows you to set time and setting effortlessly.

Since this machine is specifically made for babies, there is a warm milk feature as well. You can quickly put a milk bottle inside the water tank and press the button for milk to warm. Take the bottle out after a few minutes. Not only a milk bottle, but you can also keep anything inside the tank that you want to heat and get it within a few minutes.

A machine with so many features seems complicated to clean? With its auto-clean system, the machine gets cleaned itself. Just add warm water to the tank and press the clean button to clean the overall machine. Its stainless steel blades do not get rusted. However, its bottom is featured with a seamless sealing ring to avoid leakage. Yet, you can disassemble its part to rinse them with water and put in the dishwasher. 


  • This machine is made with 100% non-toxic material that is safe food-grade.
  • The overheating protection feature prevents food from burning.
  • The BPA-free material avoids smell.
  • It shuts off automatically after five minutes when the machine isn’t operating.


  • The capacity of the container isn’t enough to hold large batches.
  • The buttons are labeled with signs only that may confuse you.


Whalelove is an incredible baby food machine with so many exclusive features. This machine has a 1000 ml capacity that takes not more than 3-4 minutes to warm the food. Besides, its S-shaped blades are helpful in crushing all kinds of food by steaming it first.

2. KOIOS 4-in-1 Hand Immersion BlenderBest for Multipurpose 

KOIOS 4-in-1 Hand

Koios is a brand that produces modern and incredible-looking products with great power and fantastic performances. If you want to show off your blender in the kitchen, there could be nothing better than the Koios 4-in-1 hand blender. It not only delivers a remarkable appearance, but it functions exceptionally to make your life more accessible.

The Koios stick blender includes an 800-W motor that crushes the ingredients excellently and offers a 12-level speed along with the pulse function. Its heavy motor perfectly pulverizes different kinds of elements to make their purees and pulps. This blender is called four-in-one and considered multi-purpose because it contains a wand blender, a mini chopper, a whisk, and a 600ml beaker.

Well, this multipurpose blending model has given a compact and sleek design that provides both comfortability and control simultaneously that can be placed anywhere on your shelf. So, whenever your baby needs food, just take it out, process food, and serve him a fresh meal. Besides, this appliance has a vast range of use and can be used easily in a tall narrow jar.

Its removable BPA-free accessories are super easy to clean because they are made with non-toxic material and can be rinsed simply with warm water and put on the rack top. Although you can also wash them in the dishwasher, keep the motor away from water.


  • You can adjust its speed to up to 12 levels.
  • It features a powerful motor for consistent food pureeing.
  • The long power cord offers extensive use.
  • The manufacturers provide replacement and a money-back guarantee within two years.


  • The detachable parts are harder to reassemble.
  • Some customers have complained about its overheating.


The Koios four-in-one immersion mini blender provides a flawless finishing with easy cleaning and high power. This blender has a long 5ft electric cord to switch it anywhere in the kitchen. This blender is ideal in terms of both appearance and performance. 

3. Ninja QB900B Chopping BlenderPerfect Machine for Mincing

Ninja QB900B Blender

Let your kitchen function better by adopting the best food puree machine for adults, the Ninja QB900B chopper. It is a multifunctional blender that can boost your regular tasks to a new speed. This kitchen appliance is a personal blender that can process your food to a great extent without consuming your money, space, and effort.

This blender model contains several unique features, such as a one-touch system. With this system, you have a pulsing option and can keep the operation for an extended period. Another convenient feature of this machine is the anti-spill splash guard. With the help of this feature, you can quickly pour liquid ingredients into the container without spilling it. 

Besides, this machine offers two jars for different purposes. One pitcher comes for processing liquids that have a 48-oz capacity. Then there is a 16-oz container designed explicitly for mincing; therefore, it is known as the best blender for puree meat.  The 400-W power base allows you to use this machine for dicing, mincing and pureeing.

Although the anti-spill guard prevents the motor base from getting dirty, if it gets some stain, use a damp cloth to clean it. Yet, the blades, containers, and chopping bowls can be washed in the dishwasher. It is recommended to clean sharp blades cautiously. 


  • This blender is very easy to use as it incorporates pulse technology.
  • The base of this blender is rubberized to fix it on the shelf and avoid slipperiness.
  • Its anti-splash guard feature ensures the work is free from mess.
  • The blades are stackable to provide better performance.
  • You’d get a one-year limited warranty.


  • It is a relatively small food processor.
  • There is only one power button, no speed control.


The Ninja QB900B is a versatile product with multiple specifications. You would find an anti-splash guard to prevent mess and a one-touch system. However, the one-touch system is ideal for beginners who don’t want to get tangled with various controls.

4. Chefman Immersion BlenderBudget-Friendly Model

Chefman Immersion

Here comes another top-of-the-line immersion stick blender. The Chefman hand blender is one of the best value-packed items that propose a high-powered motor with some outstanding specs. This product is considered the cheapest food puree machine for elderly. Its motor is 300-W that can effortlessly handle any element, such as fruits and vegetables, etc. Although pulverizing complex elements could be challenging for this blender, this model quickly mixes all ingredients to make their purees, baby food, and extract the pulp out.

This blender is a perfect choice for regular use. Thus, whether you want to puree raw vegetables or boiled, try out the Chefman immersion blender because it comprises sharp cross blades. Its blades are designed specifically to process perfect pureed dishes such as smoothies, sauces, dips, and baby food. 

The Chefman immersion blender features a rubberized soft silk-touch grip that carries two buttons and a dial to control speed for up to 12 levels. Other than the power button, you will find a Turbo button that helps in augmenting the blending process. It has a 16″ long handle that comes in five vibrant shades. Concisely this powerful stick blender is ideal for making smoothies, soups, and even juices.

What about cleaning? Its bladed head can detach by simply twisting and keeping them in the dishwasher for cleaning purposes. All parts of this blender can be cleaned very easily. Yet, make sure to keep its cord and motor away from water. Remember, when you keep this machine into the dishwasher, count 1, 2, 3, and you’re done.


  • The overall exterior is made with stainless steel.
  • There is a protective no-scratch guard in the bottom.
  • The turbo button gives an extra boost to the blending.
  • CETL approved with advanced safety technology.
  • You would get one year of product assurance. 


  • This immersion blender isn’t ideal for fibrous ingredients.
  • It can become overheated early.


The Chefman immersion blender is an ideal inexpensive model with a powerful motor and an extensive color range. It is a versatile product that can be used for regular jobs. But bear in mind, this hand blender is only ideal for processing light-duty food. 

5. NutriBullet NBR-1201 BlenderBest Portable Machine

NutriBullet NBR-1201


If you are looking to make puree out of hard ingredients and want a heavy-duty blender, look no beyond the NutriBullet NBR-1201 blender. This model has brought some extraordinary qualities along with it. Its powerful stainless steel extractor blades use cyclonic action against hard components and break down the ingredients to a maximum extent. Other than that, this blender is ideal for grinding berries, spinach, and other elements to make thick yet smooth purees.

This machine offers BPA-free two plastic cups that are super durable and long-lasting. It enables hassle-free cleaning. All you need to do is just twist off the blade and rinse with soap and water. You can also keep this product in a dishwasher fearlessly and use it again.

Over and above, this best high-speed blender features a 600-watts electric motor that whirls at high-speed resolution. Its sharp blades allow you to extract juice within 60 seconds and blend fruits until you get a creamy texture. In short, the NutriBullet NBR-1201 is a safe, hygienic, and user-friendly item that should be part of every kitchen.


  • This blender has ample power to blend and grind hard ingredients.
  • It is effortless to use and can be operated by anyone.
  • Its parts can be handled by the dishwasher.
  • Although the blender is compact, it can still provide 2 to 3 cups easily.
  • The item comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • The bottom part can break easily, which may lead to leakage.
  • There are no variable speed levels.


In short, the NutriBullet 1201 is a fantastic personal blender that is made with super-lightweight materials and makes it easy to manage. This blender offers a single serving only but comprises a prestigious power motor. Its compact design allows you to keep it anywhere. So, just take it out and make puree instantly.

6. KitchenAid KFP0718ER Food ProcessorHigh-Tech Food Blender 

KitchenAid KFP0718ER

Your mind will be blown after knowing that the KitchenAid food processor serves the most nutritious, organic, and delicious food to you because it handles all types of foods with a variety of speeds. There are three buttons on this blender, Low, High, and Off/Pulse. The high speed is adequate to process hard fruits and vegetables. But if you want to make a puree, this blender makes sure to soften them. However, the pulse option boosts the speed and chops the food in a short burst.

The KitchenAid also features a 2-in-1 feed tube that comes in a variety of shapes to put multiple ingredients such as garlic, carrot, etc. Its large tube works along with a tamper to push hard elements through a narrow opening. However, it is better to cut large ingredients into small pieces to fit in the tube.

KitchenAid KFP0718ER Food Processor

This model offers three stainless steel blades that are highly efficient for shredding and chopping. Its blades are connected to the shredding and slicing disc via a power shaft. This slicing and shredding disc is adjustable and helps in making thin and thick slices. Yet, the reversible shredding disc is helpful for grating cheese, carrot, and much more.

You will find this remarkable blending machine in four vibrant shades. Although the size is compact, the exterior design is pretty wide and requires much space to store. You can disassemble its bowl, blade, shaft, disc, and lid and clean it regularly with water. The cleaning bowl has an easy setup that prevents leakage.


  • This blender offers customizable speed settings.
  • It is a highly convenient machine that can be carried out efficiently.
  • It provides a 2-in-1 disc for slicing and shredding.
  • You can either rinse its parts underwater or put them in the dishwasher.
  • The manufacturers offer a one-year limited warranty.


  • Some of the plastic parts are found to be less durable.
  • It makes a lot of noise while functioning.


The KitchenAid KFP0718ER food processor is made with non-toxic material that processes your food very safely. You do not need to worry about its efficiency because its robust motor base has everything to make puree out of any food you put in.

7. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen SystemPerfect for Large Family

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender

The Ninja BL770 is the overall best blender to puree food that offers multiple accessories, including a 1500-W motor base, Dough Blade, Total Crushing Pitcher, Cup Food Processor Bowl, and NutriNinja cups. When it comes to processing food for large families, the job seems harsh because you need to make it in batches. But, not to worry, with the Ninja BL770 blender_ you can make anything in this 72-oz blender large enough to make shakes for families. 

Along with this blender, you will get a dough blender as well. This blender is used for blending dry ingredients and kneading them. You can knead flour or make cookie batter; this machine would never disappoint you. There are five manual buttons on its power base, which are incredibly simple to operate. Each button is labeled with its function. There is a pulse button as well, which means you can process rigid components. 

This blender offers very sharp blades that execute a great job of crushing frozen food and converting it into a smooth pulp and puree. Yet, it is not ideal for making hot foods. So if you want to make a puree of boiled vegetables, make sure to let them cool first.

The Ninja mega kitchen blender also holds the lock safety mechanism that allows you to lock its jars and lids when it is not in use. Bear in mind; proper assemblage is essential to run this blender. Talking about cleaning this blender, it features BPA-safe parts that can be cleaned into the dishwasher. You can fearlessly put its pitcher, lids, and cups in the dishwasher and get them cleaned.


  • A 1500-W power motor is sufficient for pureeing food.
  • This product offers a brash for a thorough cleaning,
  • The container is adequate to make up to 8 cups of food,
  • It includes two additional jars with flip-top lids that make it portable.
  • A one-year limited warranty is offered.


  • The containers are made with low-profile polycarbonate material 
  • It doesn’t handle green leafy things.


The Ninja BL770 kitchen blender is a versatile machine that offers some additional accessories for multiple purposes. Although this blender isn’t bound to puree food, you can either make cookie or pizza dough in it. But unfortunately, it is not ideal for hot ingredients.

8. Cleanblend Food Processor BlenderCommercial-Level Blender

Cleanblend Food

Cleanblend is another powerful blender that is mainly designed for commercial purposes. This blender magically turns anything into a smooth puree and provides you a thick creamy texture. Except that, it ideally crushes raw ingredients without requiring water or any liquid.

The best blender with a grinder can grind hard vegetables such as ginger, carrot, and celery into a fine paste. You can either make hot soups, raw vegetable puree, and nut butter effortlessly with this appliance. That’s why it is known as a 9-in-1 blending machine that is useful in grinding, chopping, blending, crushing, processing, and much more.

Moving towards its controllability, the Cleanblend commercial blender is very simple to use. There is a variable-speed dial along with two buttons; one button is used for power on/off, and another is for the pulse option. Using the dial, you can gradually increase the speed as per the requirement.

Furthermore, this equipment comes with a 64-oz container made with a high-quality non-BPA plastic material that gives a glass-like illusion. However, this material makes the machine super lightweight and easy to handle. The BPA-free plastic pitcher makes it fabulously unbreakable. The container can be secured with a firm plastic lid. Yet, this lid has a removable tamper that is used to push down the ingredients for proper blending. With this material, you can put its parts into the dishwasher for cleaning without any fear.

This machine features stainless-steel sharp blades that can handle the toughest food component, including frozen food, ice, and nuts. Besides that, there are eight serrated blades on the top of its motor. Four of them are pointing downwards that allow you to make a hassle-free clean-up without removing the blades.


  • This blender is designed very powerfully to use for commercial purposes.
  • It has a potent motor base that can easily make anything into a smooth texture.
  • As a commercial machine, the price is relatively low.
  • This machine holds straightforward control buttons.
  • You would get a 5-year warranty.


  • The size is enormous.
  • It does not have a variety of features.


In a word, Cleanblend commercial food processor is a high-tech blender that delivers a quality presentation. This machine is used for crushing all kinds of food elements to make purees or can be used for any other purpose; the 1800-W is the best heavy-duty blender.

9. YISSVIC Hand Blender Immersion BlenderBest 4-in-1 Stick Blender

YISSVIC Hand Blender

A Yissivic hand blender is an Austrian appliance that offers a four-in-one function and comes up with additional accessories. This ultra-stick blender is the most well-built immersion blender that is considered the best blender to puree food. This blender has stainless steel blades on the tip that are perfect for grinding everything to make baby food, puree, fruit or vegetable juices, soups, etc.

Besides, this blender comes with a grinder, a whisk, a measuring beaker, and a wand blender that are attached with the 1000-W power shaft to work efficiently. This versatile blender is useful for making sauces, dips, and dressing within seconds. All accessories can be switched with an easy twist. There is a small backlit indicator that depicts the operation of the machine.

YISSVIC Hand Blender Immersion Blender

You can adjust its speed level to up to nine levels by regulating the dial. The two buttons are used to blend different types of foods. You would find a turbo option as well to boost the blending process. This best immersion blender is constructed with BPA-free material that makes your food toxic-free. You can wash its components regularly with water. However, the central unit cannot be washed.


  • It has a 1000-W powerful motor shaft that works incredibly.
  • This motor can be attached with a simple twist.
  • It is particularly designed for making baby food.
  • The stainless steel blades work efficiently.
  • A warranty for two years is offered.


  • This blender is not dishwasher-safe.
  • Its beaker and bowl are easily breakable.


Precisely, the Yissivic hand immersion blender offers an exceptional and powerful mini grinder, whisk, and a large container for pouring liquid into it. Further, all of its parts can be washed hassle-freely under tap water.

10. Instant Pot Ace Plus BlenderBest 10-in-1 Hot and Cold Blender

Instant Pot Ace Plus

Instant Pot Ace blender is wild and potential because it features a 1300-W motor base with a 26,500 RPM powerhouse. The Instant Ace Nova blender is considered ideal for making sauces, hot soups, delicious salsas, and extracting nut and soy milk since it features incredible ten-in-one touch buttons for easy operation.

With its one-touch program, you can make multiple puree and baby food recipes. However, do not forget to consider its leading motor that really makes your job easier. You can set its speed level up to 10 with one touch. Other than making dips and sauces, this blender is ideal for making rice and soy milk. Usually, the soy milk needs to be cooked after processing, but the Ace Nova heats up the ingredients and cooks it directly.

Let’s talk about the additional tools along with this product. Unlike other ordinary blenders, this blender offers some unique tools. You will get a patented 3-in-1 food tamper, a measuring cup, and a brush for cleaning purposes. However, the best way to clean this blender is by following the auto-cleaning system. There is a clean button on this blender. Just pour some amount of warm water with a drop of dish soap and give a quick blend.

It comes with eight automatic pre-set features used for making different recipes, including spreads, dips, purees, and many other things. Other than that, there is a pulse button to emulsify hard elements. Each inbuilt button has written instructions to provide you a user-friendly experience.


  • The stainless steel blades can handle any kind of food hassle-freely.
  • It includes a self-cleaning system along with a brush for effortless cleaning.
  • The keep-warm setting does not allow hot food to cool.
  • It is a ten-in-one blender that is ideal for multi-use.
  • The microprocessor feature enables you to customize every setting, such as temperatures and speeds.


  • The overall model is pretty comprehensive and consumes much space.
  • Its glass pitcher makes the machine pretty heavy.


The Instant Pot Ace Nova Blender is an intelligent product that works with hot and cold items. There is a ‘keep warm’ button for hot foods such as soups to keep the food sizzling. This machine offers the most potent motor with the highest RPM; therefore, consider this model and make the best decision of your life.

Aspects to Consider to Get the Best Puree Blender | Buyer’s Guide

Everyone desires to have such a product that makes their chores a piece of cake. Blenders could be an ideal choice for you when it comes to puree foods. Therefore, to have a jack-of-all-trades item, there are some must-follow instructions to keep in mind before buying.

Best Blender for Puree Food
Infographic: Best Blender for Puree Food


It is essential to consider how much food you are going to blend. Because the capacity of the blender matters when you are planning to make things either in one go or step by step. If you don’t want to take out a considerable machine just to make a small amount of food, it is advised to pick a small blender. On the other hand, blenders with larger capacities are recommended for larger households.


Speed settings will determine how much time it takes to make a smooth blend and the final texture. The blender comes with different speed settings; some are pre-set, while others come in various options. Blenders with speed options require attention and time to set speed again, while some pre-set speed blenders allow you to make puree heedlessly.


It is an individual’s choice; choose what type of food you want to blend because the blender’s power depends upon food quality. If you desire to blender fresh and soft foods, 300 Watts of blender is a perfect choice for you. If you prefer to blend frozen fruits or ice, you need a blender with extra power; otherwise, it can affect your puree quality.

Easy to clean

Making a puree could be messier sometimes; therefore, it is suggested to consider a blender with removable parts and dishwasher-safe. Moreover, some blenders have an auto-cleaning option. All you need to do is add hot water along with the dish soap, and the blender will clean every inch itself. It will help you a lot in saving your time and effort.


Undoubtedly this factor can’t be ignored. If you desire to have the best blender to puree food for home purposes only, a simple blender is the best choice for you. All you have to do is check the features and reviews of the product. Make sure you are paying for what you want, not just paying for the brand name.


How to puree food using a blender?

You need to cook the food until it turns soft. Now cut it into small pieces and put them into a regular or immersion blender. For a more consistent texture, add a little water into it and then blend. Keep adding little water gradually until you get a smooth puree.

Does pureed food digest faster?

Yes, pureed food doesn’t need to be chewed, so they’re more likely to digest faster. Pureed food acts as a bridge between your regular diet and liquid diet and helps you recover from surgery, prevents weight loss, and sustains your overall health until you start eating normal food.

Does a blender take away nutrients from food?

A blender only helps in breaking down the fibers of the fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients and releases its nutrients while processing. It basically changes the appearance and texture of the food to make them smooth. Therefore, it cannot be said that a blender loses the food’s nutrients.

Can I use a juicer to puree food?

The pureed foods are solid foods that can be easily made using a juicer. Some fruits such as apple, mango, pear, strawberry, peach, and plum can be pureed very easily. However, you should adopt a powerful blender for tough vegetables like potatoes, carrots, or broccoli.

Top Picks

If you are in search of a food processor that could be used specifically for making food for your baby, then the Whalelove Baby Food Processor is suggested. As its name represents, this machine works efficiently for preparing baby food.

On the other hand, who doesn’t need a powerful blender for large families? The Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System is the most powerful machine on the list that features a 1500-W motor and a large container to make up to eight cups of food.

Looking for a blender with a set budget? Try out the Chefman Immersion Blender. This handy blender is a perfect blender for quick services and multiple features. It comprises a unique anti-splash guard on the bottom to avoid mess.

Summing Up

Pureeing food isn’t a difficult task, especially when you get a powerful blending machine. A high-grade machine allows you to crush all sorts of food items in a flash under any circumstances. However, if you give your baby canned pureed food, stop giving. These foods are full of preservatives and stabilizers that are not healthful for them. Adopt the best blender to puree food and make it all organic at home instead of getting it from stores.

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